MiasXtra About Us

About Us

MiasXtra is your one-stop shop for shopping, shipping and payment for goods and services all over the world. We are dedicated to making life easier for people in Africa by helping you procure all sort of items, helping you make stress-free foreign currency payments and getting the goods delivered to you within the fastest time possible.

Our services

1. Personal Shopping

MiasXtra’s personal shopping service helps you get the best shopping experience. We pick outfits and accessories for you based on your specified lifestyle and personality. Our personal shopping services covers classic to contemporary version and we work with your budget and schedule. We shop high street, departmental store, and designer brands.   In addition to that, we also ship those goods and offer independent shipping services all over the world.

Our expert fashion guides also teach you how to shop for yourself by helping you pick out quality craftsmanship and spot poor work in addition to identifying brands or stores that suit your budget and body type best.

Our team comprises competent fashion shoppers, wardrobe experts, e-commerce specialists and the most professional logistics staff. We get your packages delivered all over the world between one day to one week.

How to use our procurement services

Send us the links of whatever product you want to purchase and we will assess the cost of the items in addition to our service charge and cost of delivery. After you pay, we will help you purchase the products and ship them to Nigeria within a maximum of one week.

2. MiasXtra logistics and courier services

We pick up and deliver your packages for you.

Guideline shipping via MiasXtra:

  1. Pay a handling charge of £20 to commence the transaction. Please, note that you must agree to our terms and conditions before we can proceed with the transaction. This charge expires 7 days after the arrival of your first order and it is exclusive of weight cost which will be assessed separately.
    • Pay into our account: MiasXtra – 0163973004 (GTB) or request our pounds account here.
    • Fill in your personal details and specify in detail the items for delivery.
  2. After you have completed the steps above and your package arrives in the UK, we will weigh the items in order to assess and inform you of the applicable delivery fee.  We charge an extra £20 for customs, depending on the value of the items transported.
  3. We commence the despatch process. You will be informed when your package arrives in Nigeria. You can pick it up at our office or opt for home delivery.